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Olympus Sz51 Stereo Microscope

This olympus sz51 microscope has a 2x zoom setting and is susceptible to breakage as is. However, as it is no longer made, we are offering it as is.

Best Olympus Sz51 Stereo Microscope

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Olympus Sz51 Stereo Microscope Amazon

This is a microscope head that has been broken into. It is a olympus sz51 microscope. We can help you help fix the broken microscope. these are olympus instructions for the sz61sz61-60 sz6145tr sz51sz51-60 models. the olympus sz51 stereo microscope is perfect for microscope use. It is a high-quality microscope that offers 45 degree of field of view. It includes h220. 5x objective stand with light. This microscope also has 20x digital zoom. It is perfect for scientific use or microscopy. the olympus sz51 45 degree stereo microscope is a great microscope for research and development purposes. It has a frc option that allows you to generate images with random colors, and it has an h220. 5 objective stand light that gives you better light distribution. The microscope also has a front and backside views, and it is available in colors olymppy blue and olymppy red.